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At Sudhan, while we make gold loans affordable to bring them within your reach, we make sure that a Sudhan branch is close to you, for you to walk in easily.

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Beyond Maharashtra. Across 6 States.

While the journey of Sudhan is still a new one, its reach across Maharashtra already shows the trust it has earned in a short duration.
With customer-friendly processes, Sudhan is creating a network in 6 more states that will cater to the financial needs of the rural population.

Frequently Asked Questions

The idea of taking a gold loan brings with it many questions, queries and doubts.
Just read through our FAQs and all your worries will be answered and taken care of.

Which documents are required to get a Sudhan Gold Loan?

You need to submit only 1 document - your Aadhar Card - to secure a gold loan with Sudhan.

Is my gold safe with Sudhan?

100%. At Sudhan, we have all the necessary modern and secure infrastructure in place to keep your gold safe, so that you can relax without any worries.

What is the best interest rate offered?

Sudhan offers a gold loan at an interest rate starting from just 6%, which is probably the best in business.

How much time is needed to sanction the gold loan at Sudhan?

From the time you submit your documents, we assure you that your gold loan will get sanctioned in just 14 minutes.

Does a gold loan from Sudhan affect my CIBIL ratings?

No. The gold loan approved by Sudhan is through credit societies and doesn't come under the purview of RBI. This makes sure your CIBIL rating is not affected.

How much amount do I get as a gold loan?

Sudhan offers up to 90% loan of the value of the gold mortgaged by you. This is the highest in the industry.

How much is the gold appraisal fee for Sudhan Gold Loan?

The gold valuation fee is 0.25% of the gold loan amount.

How much cash is received while availing the Sudhan Gold Loan?

Up to Rs.19000 in cash, with the balance of the loan credited to the account.

Is it necessary to have a savings account in a credit institution for taking a gold loan?

Yes, but if you are not a member, you can open an account in 5 minutes and get the loan amount in 14 minutes.

About Us

Founded in 2021, Sudhan is a new-age financial institution that offers gold loans to those in need, specifically in villages and tier-III cities, in association with the extensive network of credit societies across many states. The gold loans offered are the fastest at the best rates of interest, to empower the people.

Contact Us

    Registered address - Pasharwar Samaj Temple, Shop No 201, Second Floor, C S NO 1916/14, Plot No. 3, Sakhare Complex, Near Bamul Tower, AHM MD 3, Sukh Sagar Nagar, Kopargaon, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, 423601
  • +91 9823807272
    +91 7340067400

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